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  • Ouke no Monshou

    Alternative : 王家の紋章 (Japanese); 尼罗河的女儿; 尼羅河女兒 (Chinese); คําสาปฟาโรห์ (Thai); 왕가의 문장 (Korean); Cute Mary; Royal Emblem; The Royal Hieroglyph; Daughter of the Nile; Crest of the Royal Family (English); Nữ Hoàng Ai Cập (Vietnamese - Tiếng Việt - TV); Uruwashi no Mari-san!
  • Author(s): Fumin - Hosokawa Chieko
  • Genres : Adventure - Drama - Fantasy - Historical - Romance - Shoujo
  • Status : Ongoing
  • Last updated :
  • View : 555,002
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  • rate : 4.81/ 5 - 32 votes

Ouke no Monshou summary:

The main character is Carol, a blonde-haired, blue-eyed American teenager from a wealthy family with an interest in Egyptology studying in Cairo. When her mentor discovers the tomb of a young pharaoh, a curse is put on the excavation team and Carol. The curse sends her back in time to ancient Egypt, where she becomes embroiled in the affairs of Egypt and other ancient countries such as Assyria and Babylonia. Carol meets Memphis, a handsome young pharaoh whose tomb she excavated in modern times. Despite his headstrong, at first violent nature, they fall deeply in love. This angers Memphis's half-sister, the Priestess Isis, who has longed to marry him. Carol, due to her exotic looks and curious ability to tell the future, becomes a major player in ancient history.
In 1991, it received the 36th Shogakukan Manga Award for shoujo.

Ouke no Monshou Chapters

Time uploaded
Vol.17 Chapter 97 Oct-21-17
Vol.17 Chapter 96 Oct-21-17
vol.21 chapter 95 Jul-11-17
vol.21 chapter 94 Jul-10-17
vol.22 chapter 91 Oct-25-16
vol.21 chapter 90 Aug-19-16
vol.22 chapter 89 Jul-19-16
vol.16 chapter 88 Jan-20-16
vol.16 chapter 87 Jan-20-16
chapter 86 Jan-20-16
vol.21 chapter 85 Nov-29-17
vol.21 chapter 84 Nov-29-17
vol.21 chapter 83 Nov-29-17
vol.21 chapter 82 Nov-29-17
vol.21 chapter 81 Nov-29-17
vol.20 chapter 80 Nov-30-17
vol.20 chapter 79 Nov-30-17
vol.20 chapter 78 Nov-29-17
vol.20 chapter 77 Nov-30-17
vol.19 chapter 76 Nov-29-17
vol.19 chapter 75 Nov-29-17
vol.19 chapter 74 Nov-29-17
vol.19 chapter 73 Nov-29-17
vol.18 chapter 72 Nov-29-17
vol.18 chapter 71 Nov-29-17
vol.18 chapter 70 Nov-29-17
vol.18 chapter 69 Nov-29-17
vol.18 chapter 68 Nov-29-17
vol.18 chapter 67 Nov-29-17
vol.18 chapter 66 Nov-29-17
vol.14 chapter 65 Nov-29-17
vol.11 chapter 62 Jan-20-16
vol.11 chapter 61 Jan-20-16
vol.11 chapter 60 Jan-20-16
vol.11 chapter 59 Jan-20-16
vol.11 chapter 58 Jan-20-16
vol.11 chapter 57 Jan-20-16
vol.14 chapter 56 Jan-20-16
vol.14 chapter 55 Jan-20-16
vol.14 chapter 54 Jan-20-16
vol.14 chapter 53 Jan-20-16
vol.13 chapter 52 Jan-20-16
vol.13 chapter 51 Jan-20-16
vol.13 chapter 50 Jan-20-16
vol.13 chapter 49 Jan-20-16
vol.12 chapter 48 Jan-20-16
vol.12 chapter 47 Jan-20-16
vol.12 chapter 46 Jan-20-16
vol.12 chapter 45 Jan-20-16
vol.11 chapter 44 Jan-20-16
vol.11 chapter 43 Jan-20-16
vol.11 chapter 42 Jan-20-16
vol.11 chapter 41 Jan-20-16
vol.10 chapter 40 Jan-20-16
vol.10 chapter 39 Jan-20-16
vol.10 chapter 38 Jan-20-16
vol.10 chapter 37 Jan-20-16
vol.9 chapter 36 Jan-20-16
vol.9 chapter 35 Jan-20-16
vol.9 chapter 34 Jan-20-16
vol.9 chapter 33 Jan-20-16
vol.8 chapter 32 Jan-20-16
vol.8 chapter 31 Jan-20-16
vol.8 chapter 30 Jan-20-16
vol.8 chapter 29 Jan-20-16
vol.7 chapter 28 Jan-20-16
vol.7 chapter 27 Jan-20-16
vol.7 chapter 26 Jan-20-16
vol.7 chapter 25 Jan-20-16
vol.6 chapter 24 Jan-20-16
vol.6 chapter 23 Jan-20-16
vol.6 chapter 22 Jan-20-16
vol.6 chapter 21 Jan-20-16
vol.5 chapter 20 Jan-20-16
vol.5 chapter 19 Jan-20-16
vol.5 chapter 18 Jan-20-16
vol.5 chapter 17 Jan-20-16
vol.4 chapter 16 Jan-20-16
vol.4 chapter 15 Jan-20-16
vol.4 chapter 14 Jan-20-16
vol.4 chapter 13 Jan-20-16
vol.3 chapter 12 Jan-20-16
vol.3 chapter 11 Jan-20-16
vol.3 chapter 10 Jan-20-16
vol.3 chapter 9 v2 Jan-20-16
vol.3 chapter 9 Jan-20-16
vol.2 chapter 8 v2 Jan-20-16
vol.2 chapter 8 Jan-20-16
vol.2 chapter 7 v2 Jan-20-16
vol.2 chapter 7 Jan-20-16
vol.2 chapter 6 v2 Jan-20-16
vol.2 chapter 6 Jan-20-16
vol.2 chapter 5 v2 Jan-20-16
vol.2 chapter 5 Jan-20-16
vol.1 chapter 4 v2 Jan-20-16
vol.1 chapter 4 Jan-20-16
vol.1 chapter 3 v2 Jan-20-16
vol.1 chapter 3 Jan-20-16
vol.1 chapter 2 v2 Jan-20-16
vol.1 chapter 2 Jan-20-16
vol.1 chapter 1 v2 Jan-20-16
vol.1 chapter 1 Jan-20-16
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