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  • A Thousand Years Ninetails

    Alternative : 千年九尾狐 ; 천년구미호 ; Cheonnyeon Kumiho ; Millennium Nine-Tailed Fox ; Nine Tails of a Thousand Years ; Ngàn Năm Cửu Vĩ
  • Author(s): Giryang
  • Genres : Adventure - Comedy - Fantasy - Romance - Shoujo - Supernatural - Webtoons - Manhwa
  • Status : Ongoing
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  • View : 873,702
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  • rate : 4.81/ 5 - 57 votes

A Thousand Years Ninetails summary:

In a city that is neither small nor big, there's a mountain that people avoid. The undeveloped mountain isn't protected with a green belt nor is it a site of environmental conservation. The avoided, prohibited forest... With the dismal atmosphere and the rumors that whisper about the spirits, let it to be called Spirit Mountain. On the mountain there's a house, a famed house of mediums that shows off their long glorious history of their heritage. Hence, it was once called Medium Mountain. But once, a long time ago, they said a Ninetails lived there... And was known as the Fox Mountain. But now, 20 years later, a dark aura covered this isolated place...

A Thousand Years Ninetails Chapters

Time uploaded
chapter 109 Jun-21-18
chapter 108 Jun-06-18
chapter 107 May-09-18
chapter 106 May-02-18
chapter 105 May-02-18
chapter 104 Apr-04-18
Chapter 103 Mar-25-18
chapter 102 Mar-12-18
chapter 101 Feb-21-18
chapter 100 Jan-18-18
chapter 99 Jan-12-18
chapter 98 Jan-12-18
chapter 97 Dec-11-17
vol.2 chapter 96 Dec-01-17
vol.2 chapter 95 Nov-26-17
vol.2 chapter 94 Nov-09-17
vol.2 chapter 93 Oct-29-17
vol.2 chapter 92 Oct-18-17
chapter 91 Oct-05-17
chapter 90 Sep-24-17
chapter 89 Sep-05-17
chapter 88 Aug-10-17
chapter 87 Apr-03-17
vol.2 chapter 86 Feb-27-17
chapter 85 Dec-24-16
chapter 84 Dec-08-16
chapter 83 Apr-15-16
chapter 82 Apr-03-16
vol.2 chapter 81 Feb-07-16
vol.2 chapter 80 Jan-20-16
vol.2 chapter 79 Jan-20-16
vol.2 chapter 78 Jan-20-16
vol.2 chapter 77 Jan-20-16
vol.2 chapter 76 Jan-20-16
vol.2 chapter 75 Jan-20-16
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