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Chasing The Sun summary:

High school student Xiao Xiang An is experiencing life in the big city for the first time while she is staying with her distant relatives. At the behest of her relative's friends, she ends up disguising herself and sneaking into a bar with them where she runs into a handsome and charming employee. The following day she goes back to her regular appearance only to have a very different encounter, meeting a guy who is nothing but rude and hateful! It's one of the top 10 of the best manhua.

Chasing The Sun Chapters

Time uploaded
Chapter 78.1 Aug-06-18
Chapter 78 Aug-06-18
Chapter 77 Aug-06-18
Chapter 76 Aug-06-18
Chapter 75.1 Aug-11-18
Chapter 75 Aug-06-18
Chapter 74 Aug-06-18
Chapter 73 Aug-06-18
Chapter 72 Aug-06-18
Chapter 71 Aug-06-18
chapter 70 Aug-06-18
chapter 69 Aug-06-18
chapter 68 Aug-06-18
chapter 67 Aug-06-18
chapter 66 Aug-06-18
chapter 65 Aug-06-18
chapter 64 Aug-06-18
chapter 63 Aug-06-18
Chapter 62 Aug-06-18
Chapter 61 Aug-05-18
Chapter 60 Aug-04-18
chapter 59 Aug-02-18
Chapter 57 Jul-30-18
Chapter 55 Jul-28-18
Chapter 54 Jul-28-18
Chapter 53 Jul-28-18
Chapter 52 Jul-27-18
chapter 51 Jul-23-18
Chapter 50 Jul-23-18
Chapter 49.5 Jul-22-18
chapter 49 Jun-26-18
Chapter 48 May-29-18
Chapter 47 May-13-18
Chapter 46 May-13-18
chapter 45 Mar-30-18
chapter 44 Mar-19-18
Chapter 43 Aug-08-18
chapter 41 Dec-25-17
chapter 40 Dec-25-17
chapter 39 Dec-05-17
chapter 38 Dec-05-17
chapter 37 Nov-07-17
chapter 33 Oct-10-17
chapter 32 Oct-10-17
chapter 30 Sep-15-17
chapter 23 Aug-25-17
chapter 22 Aug-22-17
chapter 11 Jul-03-17
chapter 10 Jul-03-17
chapter 9 Aug-09-17
chapter 8 Aug-09-17
chapter 7 Aug-09-17
chapter 6 Aug-09-17
chapter 5 Aug-09-17
chapter 4 Jul-03-17
chapter 3 Aug-09-17
chapter 2 Aug-09-17
chapter 1 Nov-07-17
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