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  • Kanojo no Kagi wo Akeru Houhou

    Alternative : 彼女の鍵を開ける方法 ; 裤妹我爱你 ; 褲妹我愛妳 ; Kanojo no Kagi o Hirakeru Houhou ; Kanojo no Kagi w Akeru Houhou ; Kanojo no Kagi wo Hirakeru Houhou
  • Author(s): Nakata Yumi
  • Genres : Adult - Comedy - Ecchi - Mature - Romance - School life - Seinen
  • Status : Ongoing
  • Last updated :
  • View : 497,966
  • Rate :
  • rate : 4.92/ 5 - 25 votes

Kanojo no Kagi wo Akeru Houhou summary:

Haruma's first impression of the new transfer student, Chitose, would be striped panties. Running into her in the hallway, Chitose's panties greet Haruma before they even know each other. Immediately, Haruma finds himself attracted to this mysterious panty girl, only to find out that she is transfering into his class AND she's going to be the new house keeper at his apartment. Let the skirt flying romance comedy begin.

Kanojo no Kagi wo Akeru Houhou Chapters

Time uploaded
Chapter 37 Jul-14-18
Chapter 36 Jun-20-18
vol.5 chapter 34 Feb-19-18
vol.5 chapter 33 Dec-26-17
vol.4 chapter 32 Dec-26-17
chapter 31 Oct-06-17
vol.4 chapter 29 Jul-19-17
vol.1 chapter 23 Oct-09-16
vol.1 chapter 22 Aug-28-16
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