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  • Max Lovely

    Alternative : Max Lovely! ; MAXラブリー! ; 恋爱无敌 ; ماكس الجميلة ; Макс Lovely ; не повече от прекрасно ; Cô Bé Tinh Nghịch
  • Author(s): Kurahashi Erika
  • Genres : Comedy - Drama - Romance - School life - Shoujo
  • Status : Completed
  • Last updated :
  • View : 88,533
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  • rate : 4.63/ 5 - 16 votes

Max Lovely summary:

Best friends Tokieda Airi and Sahara Taki have had a happy junior high school life, but the mysterious group "F" begins to target them because they attract too much attention! "F" has already hurt many attention-grabbing students, and they begin their attacks on Airi and Taki by trying to split the best friends apart. When this method doesn't work, they sink even lower: they target Airi's sister Nako! Airi and Taki's beautiful school life has been ruined, and now they must race to reveal the culprits of "F"...

Max Lovely Chapters

Time uploaded
vol.5 chapter 6 Feb-13-18
vol.5 chapter 5 Feb-13-18
vol.5 chapter 4 Feb-13-18
vol.5 chapter 3 Feb-13-18
vol.5 chapter 2 Feb-13-18
vol.5 chapter 1 Feb-13-18
vol.4 chapter 6 Feb-13-18
vol.4 chapter 5 Feb-13-18
vol.4 chapter 4 Feb-13-18
vol.4 chapter 3 Feb-13-18
vol.4 chapter 2 Feb-13-18
vol.4 chapter 1 Feb-13-18
vol.3 chapter 4 Feb-13-18
vol.3 chapter 3 Feb-13-18
vol.3 chapter 2 Feb-13-18
vol.3 chapter 1 Feb-13-18
vol.2 chapter 5 Feb-13-18
vol.2 chapter 4 Feb-13-18
vol.2 chapter 3 Feb-13-18
vol.2 chapter 2 Feb-13-18
vol.2 chapter 1 Feb-13-18
vol.1 chapter 5 Feb-13-18
vol.1 chapter 4 Feb-13-18
vol.1 chapter 3 Feb-13-18
vol.1 chapter 2 Feb-13-18
vol.1 chapter 1 Feb-13-18
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