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  • Pochi Kuro

    Alternative : ポチクロ (Japanese); 波奇库洛 (Chinese); Pochi x Kuro; Pochi & Kuro
  • Author(s): Matsumoto Naoya
  • Genres : Action - Comedy - Romance - Shounen - Supernatural
  • Status : Ongoing
  • Last updated :
  • View : 526,452
  • Rate :
  • rate : 4.94/ 5 - 70 votes

Pochi Kuro summary:

A human girl falls into the demon realm and can't seem to communicate with the local demon Kuro who found her. Humans are rare in the demon realm and many would love to eat a human. However, Kuro ends up falling in love with her and names her Pochi! Kuro decides to help Pochi get back to the human world and protects her from demons that try to eat her. She ends up being able to at least understand them but still can't speak the same language. She meets a demon prince who also shows interest in her as well and their long journey back to the human world begins.

Pochi Kuro Chapters

Time uploaded
chapter 43 Jun-15-18
chapter 42 Jun-07-18
Chapter 41 May-31-18
chapter 40 May-24-18
chapter 39 May-17-18
chapter 38 May-10-18
chapter 37 May-07-18
chapter 36 May-03-18
Chapter 35 Apr-29-18
Chapter 34 Apr-29-18
Chapter 33 Apr-29-18
chapter 32 Apr-04-18
chapter 31 Mar-17-18
chapter 30 Mar-05-18
chapter 29 Feb-26-18
chapter 28 Feb-20-18
chapter 27.5 Feb-11-18
chapter 27 Feb-09-18
vol.1 chapter 26 Jan-14-18
vol.1 chapter 25 Jan-14-18
chapter 24 Dec-01-17
chapter 23 Nov-04-17
chapter 22 Oct-13-17
chapter 21 Oct-03-17
chapter 20 Sep-20-17
chapter 19 Sep-06-17
chapter 18 Jul-31-17
chapter 17 May-25-17
chapter 16.5 May-14-17
chapter 16 Nov-08-16
chapter 15 Jul-18-16
chapter 14 Jun-19-16
vol.1 chapter 13 May-12-16
vol.1 chapter 12 Apr-12-16
vol.2 chapter 11v2 Apr-03-16
vol.1 chapter 11 Apr-03-16
vol.1 chapter 10 Mar-17-16
chapter 9 Mar-01-16
chapter 8 Jan-20-16
chapter 7 v2 Jan-20-16
chapter 7 Jan-20-16
chapter 6 Jan-20-16
chapter 5 Jan-20-16
chapter 4 Jan-20-16
chapter 3 Jan-20-16
chapter 2 Jan-20-16
chapter 1 Jan-20-16
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