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Premarital Relationship summary:

From: GOS "Han sang-hyun" Is a boy that dreams to become a manhwaka, and one day he hears a story that falls like lightning from a clear sky. And that is that he had a fiance he never knew about. After not being able to win against his grandfather he goes to the meeting against his will. however the lady ehe meets there is a girl who feels to be a rich spoiled girl named "Yu Suh-eun". after having a fight with a girl that acts negatively to him, he comes back to his house just to find out that Yu Suh-eun is in house!? What? The new house that the'll be staying in is the "Marriage House"? Will han Sang-hyun and yu suh-eun break through their families plans to successfully get divorced!?

Premarital Relationship Chapters

Time uploaded
chapter 56 Jun-21-18
Chapter 55 Jun-02-18
chapter 51 Jan-20-18
chapter 50 Jan-20-18
chapter 49 Dec-13-17
chapter 48 Dec-10-17
chapter 47 Dec-10-17
chapter 46 Oct-15-17
chapter 45 Oct-09-17
chapter 44 Oct-04-17
chapter 43 Sep-27-17
chapter 42 Sep-19-17
chapter 41 Sep-19-17
chapter 40 Sep-06-17
chapter 39 Sep-01-17
chapter 38 Aug-25-17
chapter 37 Aug-20-17
chapter 36 Aug-20-17
chapter 35 Aug-14-17
chapter 34 Aug-09-17
chapter 33 Aug-05-17
chapter 32 Aug-03-17
chapter 31 Jul-23-17
chapter 30 Jul-02-17
chapter 29 Jun-25-17
chapter 28 Jun-16-17
chapter 27 May-15-17
chapter 26 May-04-17
chapter 25 Feb-15-17
chapter 24 Feb-09-17
chapter 23 Feb-04-17
chapter 22 Dec-14-16
chapter 21 Dec-06-16
chapter 20 Nov-20-16
chapter 19 Nov-16-16
chapter 18 Nov-15-16
chapter 17 Nov-12-16
chapter 16 Nov-05-16
chapter 15 Nov-03-16
chapter 14 Oct-30-16
chapter 13 Oct-30-16
chapter 12 Oct-10-16
chapter 11 Oct-09-16
chapter 10 Oct-03-16
chapter 9 Dec-07-16
chapter 8 Dec-07-16
chapter 7 Sep-27-16
chapter 6 Sep-20-16
chapter 5 Sep-18-16
chapter 4 Sep-15-16
chapter 3 Sep-11-16
chapter 2 Sep-08-16
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