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Rain (SUMIKAWA Megumi) summary:

From Storm in Heaven: The continent Murgenia, where they master swordsmanship and magic: The small country Sunkwoll is in a tight spot because it's under attack of the great country Zarmine. But the general, Rain, who's reputed to be an exceptionally gifted swordsman, is against the war and won't enter the battle. But how is one supposed to wage a war like this anyway? Based on the light novel series with the same name.

Rain (SUMIKAWA Megumi) Chapters

Time uploaded
Chapter 80 Jun-20-18
Chapter 79 May-28-18
Chapter 77 Apr-30-18
Chapter 76 Mar-29-18
chapter 75 Mar-15-18
chapter 74 Mar-07-18
chapter 73 Feb-26-18
chapter 72 Feb-20-18
chapter 71 Feb-20-18
chapter 70 Feb-20-18
chapter 69 Feb-20-18
chapter 68 Feb-20-18
chapter 67 Feb-20-18
vol.12 chapter 64 Oct-30-17
chapter 58 Aug-16-16
vol.8 chapter 42 Jan-20-16
vol.7 chapter 41 Jan-20-16
vol.7 chapter 40 Jan-20-16
vol.7 chapter 39 Jan-20-16
vol.7 chapter 38 Jan-20-16
vol.7 chapter 37 Jan-20-16
vol.7 chapter 36 Jan-20-16
vol.7 chapter 35 Jan-20-16
vol.6 chapter 34 Jan-20-16
vol.6 chapter 33 Jan-20-16
vol.6 chapter 32 Jan-20-16
vol.6 chapter 31 Jan-20-16
vol.6 chapter 30 Jan-20-16
vol.6 chapter 29 Jan-20-16
vol.5 chapter 28 Jan-20-16
vol.5 chapter 27 Jan-20-16
vol.5 chapter 26 Jan-20-16
vol.5 chapter 25 Jan-20-16
vol.5 chapter 24 Jan-20-16
vol.5 chapter 23 Jan-20-16
vol.4 chapter 22 Jan-20-16
vol.4 chapter 21 Jan-20-16
vol.4 chapter 20 Jan-20-16
vol.4 chapter 19 Jan-20-16
vol.4 chapter 18 Jan-20-16
vol.4 chapter 17 Jan-20-16
vol.3 chapter 16 Jan-20-16
vol.3 chapter 15 Jan-20-16
vol.3 chapter 14 Jan-20-16
vol.3 chapter 13 Jan-20-16
vol.3 chapter 12 Jan-20-16
vol.3 chapter 11 Jan-20-16
vol.2 chapter 10 Jan-20-16
vol.2 chapter 9 Jan-20-16
vol.2 chapter 8 Jan-20-16
vol.2 chapter 7 Jan-20-16
vol.2 chapter 6 Jan-20-16
vol.1 chapter 5 Jan-20-16
vol.1 chapter 4 Jan-20-16
vol.1 chapter 3 Jan-20-16
vol.1 chapter 2 Jan-20-16
vol.1 chapter 1 Jan-20-16
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