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  • Tower of God

    Alternative : 신의 탑 (Korean); 神の塔 (Japanese); La Torre de Dios (Espanol); La tour de dieu (French); Guds Tårn (Danish); Guds Torn (Swedish); Torre Ng Panginoon (Filipino - Tagalog); Turm des Gottes (Deutsch); Jumalan Torni (Finnish); Ο Πυργος Του Θεου (Greek); Dievo Bokštas (Lithuanian); برج الإله (Arabic); Tanrının Kulesi (Turkish); Turnul Zeului (Romana); Башня Бога (Russian); Wieża Boga (Polish); Torre de Deus (Portuguese); מגדל האלוהים (Hebrew); Ngọn Tháp Thần (Vietnamese - Tiếng Việt - TV)
  • Author(s): Siu
  • Genres : Action - Adventure - Comedy - Drama - Fantasy - Mystery - Psychological - Shounen - Supernatural - Webtoons - Manhwa
  • Status : Ongoing
  • Last updated : Dec-09-2019 11:14
  • View : 26,289,771
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  • rate : 4.66/ 5 - 1049 votes

Tower of God manga :

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The storyline centers around a boy called Twenty-Fifth Baam, that has spent his life trapped beneath a tower that was mysterious. Chasing after his only friend, as he attempts to locate his company, he manages to open a door to the Tower, and must face challenges at every floor of the cryptic tower.

The Tower
The Tower is a cryptic construction which is totally enclosed and hosts many surroundings that are exceptional. It's permeated by means of an element called "Shinsoo", which has unusual properties. It's inhabited by many distinct species that was intelligent.

This can be due to ascension from one floor to another being merely permitted by passing challenging tests of dexterity, strength and brain. The 10 leaders and forefathers of the families are known as the 10 Great Warriors, guys of unbelievable power who jointly with Zahard ascended the Tower in the underside to the known top and beyond, and who happen to be kept eternally youthful thanks to the slowed-down effect of time to the larger floors.

Little is known of the source of the Tower. Earliest historical records begin together with the incursion of the 10 Great Warriors as well as Zahard to their ascension as well as the Tower. Nevertheless, it's important to see that previous to their own coming, the floors that were distinct were populated with individuals indigenous to them. Likewise, 'Protectors', intelligent although grotesque creatures who created the ascension evaluations for every floor pre-date and Zahard and maybe have existed because the creation of the tower.

Each floor is made up of three layers: an Inner Tower where Regulars are examined an outside Outer Tower which functions as the residential area, as well as a Middle Area, which functions as a network linking each floor. Such individuals are called "Chosen Regulars".

The Tower is sealed from your vast, unknown "Outside" by portentous, impenetrable doors. Nevertheless, from time to time, outstanding individuals, including the 10 Great Warriors, are in a position to open the doors (presumably permitted by the Tower's own will) and enter in. Just 5 Irregulars have entered the Tower in its long history since the ascension of Zahard.

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Tower of God Chapters

Time uploaded
Chapter 456 Dec-09-19
Chapter 455 Dec-02-19
Chapter 454 Dec-02-19
Chapter 453 Dec-02-19
Chapter 452 Dec-02-19
Chapter 451 Dec-02-19
Chapter 450 Dec-02-19
Chapter 449 Dec-02-19
Chapter 407 Nov-14-18
Chapter 406 Nov-14-18
Chapter 393 Aug-07-18
Chapter 389 Jul-09-18
Chapter 388 Jul-02-18
Chapter 381 May-14-18
Chapter 379 Apr-30-18
Chapter 378 Apr-30-18
Chapter 377 Apr-30-18
Chapter 376 Apr-30-18
Chapter 375 Apr-02-18
Chapter 374 Mar-26-18
Chapter 373 Mar-19-18
Chapter 372 Mar-13-18
Chapter 371 Mar-06-18
Chapter 370 Feb-27-18
Chapter 369 Feb-20-18
Chapter 368 Feb-12-18
Chapter 367 Feb-06-18
Chapter 366 Jan-30-18
Chapter 365 Jan-23-18
Chapter 364 Jan-20-18
Chapter 363 Jan-20-18
Chapter 362 Jan-20-18
Chapter 361 Dec-26-17
Chapter 360 Dec-26-17
Chapter 359 Dec-26-17
Chapter 358 Dec-04-17
Chapter 357 Dec-04-17
Chapter 356 Dec-04-17
Chapter 355 Nov-13-17
Chapter 354 Nov-06-17
Chapter 353 Oct-30-17
Chapter 352 Oct-30-17
Chapter 351 Oct-16-17
Chapter 350 Oct-09-17
Chapter 349 Oct-02-17
Chapter 348 Sep-26-17
Chapter 347 Sep-18-17
Chapter 346 Sep-11-17
Chapter 345 Sep-04-17
Chapter 344 Aug-28-17
Chapter 343 Aug-21-17
Chapter 342 Aug-14-17
Chapter 341 Aug-07-17
Chapter 340 Aug-07-17
Chapter 339 Jul-24-17
Chapter 338 Jul-17-17
Chapter 337 Jul-10-17
Chapter 336 Jun-26-17
Chapter 335 Jun-19-17
Chapter 334 Jun-12-17
Chapter 333 Jun-04-17
Chapter 332 May-29-17
Chapter 331 May-22-17
Chapter 330 May-15-17
Chapter 329 May-08-17
Chapter 328 May-01-17
Chapter 327 Apr-24-17
Chapter 326 Apr-18-17
Chapter 325 Apr-11-17
Chapter 324 Apr-02-17
Chapter 323 Mar-26-17
Chapter 322 Mar-21-17
Chapter 321 Mar-19-17
Chapter 320 Mar-07-17
Chapter 319 Mar-05-17
Chapter 318 Feb-20-17
Chapter 317 Feb-19-17
Chapter 316 Feb-05-17
Chapter 315 Jan-29-17
Chapter 314 Jan-23-17
Chapter 313 Jan-22-17
Chapter 312 Jan-08-17
Chapter 311 Jan-02-17
Chapter 310 Dec-27-16
Chapter 309 Dec-19-16
Chapter 308 Dec-12-16
Chapter 307 Dec-05-16
Chapter 306 Dec-05-16
Chapter 305 Nov-21-16
Chapter 304 Nov-14-16
Chapter 303 Nov-07-16
Chapter 302 Nov-07-16
Chapter 301 Oct-25-16
Chapter 300 Oct-17-16
Chapter 299 Oct-10-16
Chapter 298 Oct-03-16
Chapter 296 Oct-11-16
Chapter 295 Oct-11-16
Chapter 294 Oct-11-16
Chapter 293 Oct-11-16
Chapter 292 Oct-11-16
Chapter 291 Oct-11-16
Chapter 290 Oct-11-16
Chapter 289 Oct-11-16
Chapter 284 Jun-28-16
Chapter 282 Jun-13-16
Chapter 280 Dec-07-16
Chapter 276 May-02-16
Chapter 270 Feb-23-16
Chapter 82 Jan-20-16
Chapter 81 Jan-20-16
Chapter 80 Jan-20-16
Chapter 79 Jan-20-16
Chapter 78 Jan-20-16
Chapter 77 Jan-20-16
Chapter 76 Jan-20-16
Chapter 75 Jan-20-16
Chapter 74 Jan-20-16
Chapter 73 Jan-20-16
Chapter 72 Jan-20-16
Chapter 71 Jan-20-16
Chapter 70 Jan-20-16
Chapter 69 Jan-20-16
Chapter 68 Jan-20-16
Chapter 67 Jan-20-16
Chapter 66 Jan-20-16
Chapter 65 Jan-20-16
Chapter 64 Jan-20-16
Chapter 63 Jan-20-16
Chapter 62 Jan-20-16
Chapter 61 Jan-20-16
Chapter 60 Jan-20-16
Chapter 59 Jan-20-16
Chapter 58 Jan-20-16
Chapter 57 Jan-20-16
Chapter 56 Jan-20-16
Chapter 55 Jan-20-16
Chapter 54 Jan-20-16
Chapter 53 Jan-20-16
Chapter 52 Jan-20-16
Chapter 51 Jan-20-16
Chapter 50 Jan-20-16
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