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  • Zero - The Man of the Creation

    Alternative : ゼロ (里見桂) (Japanese); ゼロ―THE MAN OF THE CREATION; 巧手天匠 (Chinese)
  • Author(s): Ai Eishi - Satomi Kei
  • Genres : Adventure - Drama - Mature - Mystery - Seinen - Supernatural
  • Status : Ongoing
  • Last updated :
  • View : 351,618
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  • rate : 4.7/ 5 - 23 votes

Zero - The Man of the Creation manga :

The protagonist is a mysterious and resourceful man who goes by the name "Zero." An expert on artworks, antiques and ancient artefacts, Zero is adept at rooting out their histories and uncovering any unusual qualities they possess. Because of this, he frequently gets called on to dispel "curses" and to both uncover and create forgeries. Zero is a man who will stop at nothing to see a job done, but he will also charge whatever fee he deems appropriate: it might be a billion dollars, or it might just be one.

Zero - The Man of the Creation Chapters

Time uploaded
Chapter 30 Aug-11-18
Chapter 23 Mar-25-18
Chapter 22 Mar-25-18
Chapter 21 Feb-19-18
Chapter 20 Feb-04-18
Chapter 19 Feb-04-18
Chapter 17 Dec-19-17
Chapter 16 Dec-19-17
Chapter 15 Dec-19-17
Chapter 14 Dec-19-17
Chapter 12 Oct-15-17
Vol.2 Chapter 10 Oct-14-17
Vol.2 Chapter 9 Jul-31-17
Vol.2 Chapter 7 Jun-07-17
Vol.2 Chapter 6 May-23-17
Vol.2 Chapter 5 May-05-17
Vol.1 Chapter 4 Apr-09-17
Vol.1 Chapter 3 Mar-15-17
Vol.1 Chapter 2 Feb-21-17
Vol.1 Chapter 1 Jan-23-17
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