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  • Yankee Wa Isekai De Seirei Ni Aisaremasu.

    Alternative : ヤンキーは異世界で精霊に愛されます。 (Japanese); 양아치는 이세계에서 정령에게 사랑받고 있습니다 (Korean); Yankee is loved by a spirit in a different world (English)
  • Author(s): Kuroi HeiHo - Sasaki Akane
  • Genres : Action - Fantasy - Harem - Shounen
  • Status : Ongoing
  • Last updated :
  • View : 1,324,981
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  • rate : 4.81/ 5 - 352 votes

Yankee Wa Isekai De Seirei Ni Aisaremasu. summary:

While trying to save a child who was going to be run over by a truck, Manai Zero loses his life. When he wakes up even though he should have lost his life, Manai is given the choice of being reincarnated, but in a different world, with a power called "Beloved by Spirits". A world of magic and sprites, monsters and adventures!

Yankee Wa Isekai De Seirei Ni Aisaremasu. Chapters

Time uploaded
Chapter 13 Jul-11-18
Chapter 12 May-10-18
Chapter 11 May-10-18
chapter 10 Mar-12-18
chapter 9 Feb-19-18
chapter 8 Feb-19-18
chapter 7 Feb-19-18
chapter 6 Feb-19-18
chapter 5 Feb-19-18
chapter 4 May-31-17
chapter 3 May-19-17
chapter 2 May-19-17
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