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  • Yoake wo Matsu Kimi no Tame ni

    Alternative : 夜明けを待つ君のために ; For You Waiting For The Dawn
  • Author(s): Riiruu
  • Genres : Romance - Yaoi
  • Status : Ongoing
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  • View : 18,407
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  • rate : 3.64/ 5 - 11 votes

Yoake wo Matsu Kimi no Tame ni summary:

Nao, a 40 year-old-man, goes into a gay club with his close buddies and sees a handsome, young man in his 20’s, bewildered inside the said club. He finally meets Touma after approaching him in order to help him since it was his first time, thus the bewilderness of the young man, and after having brief conversations and leaving the club, Touma and Nao end up having sex together. Nao realizes how compatible they were and was doubting whether he should call Touma for another meet-up again, until Rei, Nao’s son, visits him in his work, together with another a boy he is friends with in school, which happens to be... Touma.

Yoake wo Matsu Kimi no Tame ni Chapters

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Chapter 1 Jul-20-18
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