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Hokenshitsu no Tsumuri-san summary:

Katakura Tsumuri is the school nurse who runs the high school's infirmary... which is good, because she's the one who needs to make use of it the most. Tsumuri has a weak constitution, and constantly tires herself out or faints from doing her day-to-day job. It doesn't help that she's also a space cadet and lazy at heart, so when she's not asleep in the infirmary's bed, she's got it covered in snacks and games. Her younger brother, Kouta, is a student at the school and spends plenty of his free time assisting his sister and unwillingly rescuing her from the demands of adulthood.

Hokenshitsu no Tsumuri-san Chapters

Time uploaded
Chapter 4 Oct-14-18
Chapter 3 Oct-07-18
Chapter 2 Sep-30-18
Chapter 1 Sep-24-18
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