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  • Emperor of the Land of the Rising Sun

    Alternative : Hi Izuru Tokoro no Tenshi, Heaven's Son in the Land of the Rising Sun, Hi Izuru Tokorono Tenshi, The Son of Heaven, The Son of Heaven in the Land Where the Sun Rises, 日出処の天子, 日出處天子, 日出處的天子
  • Author(s): Ryouko Yamagishi
  • Genres : Action - Drama - Gender bender - Historical - Mystery - Romance - Shoujo - Shounen ai - Supernatural - Tragedy
  • Status : Ongoing
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Emperor of the Land of the Rising Sun manga :

This is one of the best-known titles by Yamagishi Ryouko. It shocked the public immensely when first published, because the story depicted how the legendary regent of Japan, Prince Shoutoku - who supported the spread of Buddhism - fell in love with a man, suffering because of it, and acting on his unrequited love.

This is no ordinary BL manga, as its homoerotic theme is the driving force behind a convoluted plot centred on complex characters and depicted in complicated Japanese as representative of the setting. Hi Izuru Tokoro no Tenshi is regarded as a masterpiece in the manga world.

Won the 1983 Kodansha Manga Award for shoujo.

Emperor of the Land of the Rising Sun Chapters

Time uploaded
Vol.4 Chapter 14 Nov-29-18
Vol.3 Chapter 13 Nov-29-18
Vol.3 Chapter 12 Nov-29-18
Vol.3 Chapter 11 Nov-29-18
Vol.2 Chapter 10 Nov-29-18
Vol.2 Chapter 9 Nov-29-18
Vol.2 Chapter 8 Nov-29-18
Vol.2 Chapter 7 Nov-29-18
Vol.2 Chapter 6 Nov-29-18
Vol.1 Chapter 5 Nov-29-18
Vol.1 Chapter 4 Nov-29-18
Vol.1 Chapter 3 Nov-29-18
Vol.1 Chapter 2 Nov-29-18
Vol.1 Chapter 1 Nov-29-18
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