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Tales of Supernatural Houses manga :

During the early years of the Republic Era, there were many fierce and ambitious people in Shanghai. Beyond the borders of the new area and old area is the grey area. That was where many supernatural cases occurred. Wang and Liujia Ma are hired by a mysterious boss to settle the cases that happen there. When the mysterious cases are solved and the truth is revealed, they realize that all those cases are actually connected to them.

Tales of Supernatural Houses Chapters

Time uploaded
Chapter 74 Dec-20-19
Chapter 73 Dec-19-19
Chapter 72 Dec-19-19
Chapter 71 Dec-19-19
Chapter 70 Dec-19-19
Chapter 69 Dec-19-19
Chapter 68 Dec-18-19
Chapter 67 Dec-18-19
Chapter 66 Dec-18-19
Chapter 65 Dec-18-19
Chapter 64 Dec-18-19
Chapter 63 Dec-17-19
Chapter 62 Dec-17-19
Chapter 61 Dec-17-19
Chapter 60 Dec-17-19
Chapter 59 Dec-17-19
Chapter 58 Dec-16-19
Chapter 57 Dec-16-19
Chapter 56 Dec-16-19
Chapter 55 Dec-16-19
Chapter 54 Dec-16-19
Chapter 53 Dec-11-19
Chapter 52 Dec-11-19
Chapter 51 Dec-11-19
Chapter 50 Dec-11-19
Chapter 43 Dec-09-19
Chapter 42 Dec-09-19
Chapter 41 Dec-09-19
Chapter 40 Dec-09-19
Chapter 39 Dec-09-19
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