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Curse of Loulan: The Tyrant Bestows Favor on Me manga :

As a scary tyrant that sucks people’s blood to live on, he has eyes only for her. In the palace, he lies on the bed, almost bare-chested, saying “Honey, I’m starving.” “Honey?” The girl frowns, murmuring to herself, “He doesn’t feel awkward at all to call me like that”. Lifting the skirt's hemline a little, bit and leaning towards his neck, she says, “It happens that I’m starving, too.” He turns over to let her lie on the bed, with his blood-red eyes darkening and a hint of hoarseness in his low-pitched voice. On a dark and windy night, it’s the right time for them to “enjoy themselves”.

Curse of Loulan: The Tyrant Bestows Favor on Me Chapters

Time uploaded
Chapter 50 Sep-22-19
Chapter 49 Sep-22-19
Chapter 48 Sep-22-19
Chapter 47 Sep-22-19
Chapter 46 Sep-22-19
Chapter 45 Sep-21-19
Chapter 44 Sep-21-19
Chapter 43 Sep-21-19
Chapter 42 Sep-21-19
Chapter 41 Sep-21-19
Chapter 40 Sep-20-19
Chapter 39 Sep-20-19
Chapter 38 Sep-20-19
Chapter 37 Sep-20-19
Chapter 36 Sep-20-19
Chapter 35 Sep-18-19
Chapter 34 Sep-22-19
Chapter 33 Sep-22-19
Chapter 32 Sep-18-19
Chapter 31 Sep-18-19
Chapter 30 Sep-17-19
Chapter 29 Sep-17-19
Chapter 28 Sep-17-19
Chapter 27 Sep-17-19
Chapter 26 Sep-17-19
Chapter 25 Sep-16-19
Chapter 24 Sep-16-19
Chapter 23 Sep-16-19
Chapter 22 Sep-16-19
Chapter 21 Sep-16-19
Chapter 20 Sep-15-19
Chapter 19 Sep-15-19
Chapter 18 Sep-15-19
Chapter 17 Sep-15-19
Chapter 16 Sep-15-19
Chapter 15 Sep-15-19
Chapter 14 Sep-15-19
Chapter 13 Sep-15-19
Chapter 12 Sep-15-19
Chapter 11 Sep-15-19
Chapter 10 Sep-09-19
Chapter 9 Sep-09-19
Chapter 8 Sep-09-19
Chapter 7 Sep-09-19
Chapter 6 Sep-09-19
Chapter 5 Sep-09-19
Chapter 4 Sep-09-19
Chapter 3 Sep-09-19
Chapter 2 Sep-09-19
Chapter 1 Sep-09-19
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