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Immortals Down Under manga :

Why do the Yama, Rulers of the Underworld, get to slack off on their jobs and visit the Mortal World? Why is that one person's name not in the Book that records all deaths? The Magistrate tasked with retrieving his King from the world above discovers through his investigations that things are spiraling out of hand. What fatal connection do all these chaotic happenings have with the Underworld? Yama is Eastern death gods who are in charge of life and death (especially in China and Japan) in the underworld—the place where all dead souls congregate. It was once ruled by ten Yamas, each with their own responsibilities. Yet the Fifth Yama, tired of slaving away at the office desk, decides to leave the Underworld and travel to the Mortal World with Bai Wuchang, one of the Underworld employees, in tow. Rumor has it that they're searching for the Sixth Yama, who headed up to the Mortal World a thousand years ago and never returned. Meanwhile, another Underworld employee, the Magistrate Cui Pan, has also gone up to the Mortal World to investigate...

Immortals Down Under Chapters

Time uploaded
Chapter 107 Nov-29-19
Chapter 106 Nov-29-19
Chapter 105 Nov-28-19
Chapter 104 Nov-28-19
Chapter 103 Nov-28-19
Chapter 102 Nov-28-19
Chapter 101 Nov-28-19
Chapter 100 Nov-27-19
Chapter 99 Nov-27-19
Chapter 98 Nov-27-19
Chapter 97 Nov-27-19
Chapter 96 Nov-27-19
Chapter 95 Nov-26-19
Chapter 94 Nov-26-19
Chapter 93 Nov-26-19
Chapter 92 Nov-26-19
Chapter 91 Nov-26-19
Chapter 90 Nov-25-19
Chapter 89 Nov-25-19
Chapter 88 Nov-25-19
Chapter 87 Nov-25-19
Chapter 86 Nov-25-19
Chapter 85 Nov-24-19
Chapter 84 Nov-24-19
Chapter 83 Nov-24-19
Chapter 82 Nov-24-19
Chapter 81 Nov-24-19
Chapter 80 Nov-23-19
Chapter 79 Nov-23-19
Chapter 78 Nov-23-19
Chapter 77 Nov-23-19
Chapter 76 Nov-23-19
Chapter 75 Nov-22-19
Chapter 74 Nov-22-19
Chapter 73 Nov-22-19
Chapter 72 Nov-22-19
Chapter 71 Nov-22-19
Chapter 70 Nov-21-19
Chapter 69 Nov-21-19
Chapter 68 Nov-21-19
Chapter 67 Nov-21-19
Chapter 66 Nov-21-19
Chapter 65 Nov-21-19
Chapter 64 Nov-21-19
Chapter 63 Nov-21-19
Chapter 62 Nov-21-19
Chapter 61 Nov-21-19
Chapter 60 Nov-19-19
Chapter 59 Nov-19-19
Chapter 58 Nov-19-19
Chapter 57 Nov-19-19
Chapter 56 Nov-19-19
Chapter 55 Nov-18-19
Chapter 54 Nov-18-19
Chapter 53 Nov-18-19
Chapter 52 Nov-18-19
Chapter 51 Nov-18-19
Chapter 50 Nov-18-19
Chapter 49 Nov-18-19
Chapter 48 Nov-18-19
Chapter 47 Nov-18-19
Chapter 46 Nov-18-19
Chapter 45 Oct-28-19
Chapter 44 Oct-28-19
Chapter 43 Oct-28-19
Chapter 42 Oct-28-19
Chapter 41 Oct-28-19
Chapter 40 Oct-27-19
Chapter 39 Oct-27-19
Chapter 38 Oct-27-19
Chapter 37 Oct-27-19
Chapter 36 Oct-27-19
Chapter 35 Oct-26-19
Chapter 34 Oct-26-19
Chapter 33 Oct-26-19
Chapter 32 Oct-26-19
Chapter 31 Oct-26-19
Chapter 30 Oct-25-19
Chapter 29 Oct-25-19
Chapter 28 Oct-25-19
Chapter 27 Oct-25-19
Chapter 26 Oct-25-19
Chapter 25 Oct-24-19
Chapter 24 Oct-24-19
Chapter 23 Oct-24-19
Chapter 22 Oct-24-19
Chapter 21 Oct-24-19
Chapter 20 Sep-20-19
Chapter 19 Sep-20-19
Chapter 18 Sep-20-19
Chapter 17 Sep-20-19
Chapter 16 Sep-20-19
Chapter 15 Sep-18-19
Chapter 14 Sep-18-19
Chapter 13 Sep-18-19
Chapter 12 Sep-18-19
Chapter 11 Sep-18-19
Chapter 10 Sep-12-19
Chapter 9 Sep-12-19
Chapter 8 Sep-12-19
Chapter 7 Sep-12-19
Chapter 6 Sep-12-19
Chapter 5 Sep-12-19
Chapter 4 Sep-12-19
Chapter 3 Sep-12-19
Chapter 2 Sep-12-19
Chapter 1 Sep-12-19
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