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A Centaur's Life manga :

Being a teenager is never easy. Especially for a centaur! Himeno is a sweet, shy girl, who like many teens her age, struggles with the trials and tribulations of attending high school. The difference is she's a centaur; but she's not alone. In fact, all of her classmates are supernatural creatures, sporting either horns, wings, tails, halos, or some other unearthly body appendage. <br><br>Yet despite their fantastical natures, Himeno and her best friends—the dragon-winged Nozomi, and Kyoko with her spiraled horns—are down-to-earth, fun- loving teenagers who grapple with issues of life and love in a mostly normal daily school setting.

A Centaur's Life Chapters

Time uploaded
Vol.17 Afterword Sep-17-19
Vol.17 Chapter 139 Sep-17-19
Vol.17 Chapter 138 Sep-17-19
Vol.17 Chapter 137 Sep-17-19
Vol.17 Chapter 136 Sep-17-19
Vol.17 Chapter 135 Sep-17-19
Vol.17 Chapter 134 Sep-17-19
Vol.17 Chapter 133 Sep-17-19
Vol.17 Chapter 132 Sep-17-19
Vol.17 Chapter 131 Sep-17-19
Vol.17 Chapter 130 Sep-17-19
Vol.17 Chapter 129 Sep-17-19
Vol.17 Chapter 128 Sep-17-19
Vol.16 Afterword Sep-17-19
Vol.16 Chapter 127 Sep-17-19
Vol.16 Chapter 126 Sep-17-19
Vol.16 Chapter 125 Sep-17-19
Vol.16 Chapter 124 Sep-17-19
Vol.16 Chapter 123 Sep-17-19
Vol.16 Chapter 122 Sep-17-19
Vol.16 Chapter 121 Sep-17-19
Vol.16 Chapter 120 Sep-17-19
Vol.16 Chapter 119 Sep-17-19
Vol.16 Chapter 118 Sep-17-19
Vol.16 Chapter 117 Sep-17-19
Vol.15 Afterword Sep-17-19
Vol.15 Chapter 116 Sep-17-19
Vol.15 Chapter 115 Sep-17-19
Vol.15 Chapter 114 Sep-17-19
Vol.15 Chapter 113 Sep-17-19
Vol.15 Chapter 112 Sep-17-19
Vol.15 Chapter 111 Sep-17-19
Vol.15 Chapter 110 Sep-17-19
Vol.15 Chapter 109 Sep-17-19
Vol.15 Chapter 108 Sep-17-19
Vol.14 Afterword Sep-17-19
Vol.14 Chapter 107 Sep-17-19
Vol.14 Chapter 106 Sep-17-19
Vol.14 Chapter 105 Sep-17-19
Vol.14 Chapter 104 Sep-17-19
Vol.14 Chapter 103 Sep-17-19
Vol.14 Chapter 102 Sep-17-19
Vol.14 Chapter 101 Sep-17-19
Vol.14 Chapter 100 Sep-17-19
Vol.13 Afterword Sep-17-19
Vol.13 Chapter 99 Sep-17-19
Vol.13 Chapter 98 Sep-17-19
Vol.13 Chapter 97 Sep-17-19
Vol.13 Chapter 96 Sep-17-19
Vol.13 Chapter 95 Sep-17-19
Vol.13 Chapter 94 Sep-17-19
Vol.13 Chapter 93 Sep-17-19
Vol.13 Chapter 92 Sep-17-19
Vol.13 Chapter 91 Sep-17-19
Vol.13 Chapter 90 Sep-17-19
Vol.13 Chapter 89 Sep-17-19
Vol.12 Afterword Sep-17-19
Vol.12 Chapter 88 Sep-17-19
Vol.12 Chapter 87 Sep-17-19
Vol.12 Chapter 86 Sep-17-19
Vol.12 Chapter 85 Sep-17-19
Vol.12 Chapter 84 Sep-17-19
Vol.12 Chapter 83 Sep-17-19
Vol.12 Chapter 82 Sep-17-19
Vol.12 Chapter 81 Sep-17-19
Vol.12 Chapter 80 Sep-17-19
Vol.12 Chapter 79 Sep-17-19
Vol.11 Afterword Sep-17-19
Vol.11 Chapter 78 Sep-17-19
Vol.11 Chapter 77 Sep-17-19
Vol.11 Chapter 76 Sep-17-19
Vol.11 Chapter 75 Sep-17-19
Vol.11 Chapter 74 Sep-17-19
Vol.11 Chapter 73 Sep-17-19
Vol.11 Chapter 72 Sep-17-19
Vol.11 Chapter 71 Sep-17-19
Vol.11 Chapter 70 Sep-17-19
Vol.11 Chapter 69 Sep-17-19
Vol.10 Afterword Sep-17-19
Vol.10 Chapter 68 Sep-17-19
Vol.10 Chapter 67 Sep-17-19
Vol.10 Chapter 66 Sep-17-19
Vol.10 Chapter 65 Sep-17-19
Vol.10 Chapter 64 Sep-17-19
Vol.10 Chapter 63 Sep-17-19
Vol.10 Chapter 62 Sep-17-19
Vol.10 Chapter 61 Sep-17-19
Vol.9 Afterword Sep-17-19
Vol.9 Chapter 60 Sep-17-19
Vol.9 Chapter 59 Sep-17-19
Vol.9 Chapter 58 Sep-17-19
Vol.9 Chapter 57 Sep-17-19
Vol.9 Chapter 56 Sep-17-19
Vol.9 Chapter 55 Sep-17-19
Vol.9 Chapter 54 Sep-17-19
Vol.9 Chapter 53 Sep-17-19
Vol.8 Afterword Sep-17-19
Vol.8 Chapter 52 Sep-17-19
Vol.8 Chapter 51 Sep-17-19
Vol.8 Chapter 50 Sep-17-19
Vol.8 Chapter 49 Sep-17-19
Vol.8 Chapter 48 Sep-17-19
Vol.8 Chapter 47 Sep-17-19
Vol.8 Chapter 46 Sep-17-19
Vol.8 Chapter 45 Sep-17-19
Vol.7 Afterword Sep-17-19
Vol.7 Chapter 44 Sep-17-19
Vol.7 Chapter 43 Sep-17-19
Vol.7 Chapter 42 Sep-17-19
Vol.7 Chapter 41 Sep-17-19
Vol.7 Chapter 40 Sep-17-19
Vol.7 Chapter 39 Sep-17-19
Vol.7 Chapter 38 Sep-17-19
Vol.6 Afterword Sep-17-19
Vol.6 Chapter 37 Sep-17-19
Vol.6 Chapter 36 Sep-17-19
Vol.6 Chapter 35 Sep-17-19
Vol.6 Chapter 34 Sep-17-19
Vol.6 Chapter 33 Sep-17-19
Vol.6 Chapter 32 Sep-17-19
Vol.6 Chapter 31 Sep-17-19
Vol.6 Chapter 30 Sep-17-19
Vol.5 Afterword Sep-17-19
Vol.5 Chapter 29 Sep-17-19
Vol.5 Chapter 28 Sep-17-19
Vol.5 Chapter 27 Sep-17-19
Vol.5 Chapter 26 Sep-17-19
Vol.5 Chapter 25 Sep-17-19
Vol.5 Chapter 24 Sep-17-19
Vol.5 Chapter 23 Sep-17-19
Vol.5 Chapter 22 Sep-17-19
Vol.5 Chapter 21 Sep-17-19
Vol.4 Afterword Sep-17-19
Vol.4 Chapter 20 Sep-17-19
Vol.4 Chapter 19 Sep-17-19
Vol.4 Chapter 18 Sep-17-19
Vol.4 Chapter 17 Sep-17-19
Vol.4 Chapter 16 Sep-17-19
Vol.4 Chapter 15 Sep-17-19
Vol.3 Afterword Sep-17-19
Vol.3 Chapter 14 Sep-17-19
Vol.3 Chapter 13 Sep-17-19
Vol.3 Chapter 12 Sep-17-19
Vol.3 Chapter 11 Sep-17-19
Vol.3 Chapter 10 Sep-17-19
Vol.3 Chapter 9 Sep-17-19
Vol.2 Afterword Sep-17-19
Vol.2 Chapter 8 Sep-17-19
Vol.2 Chapter 7 Sep-17-19
Vol.2 Chapter 6 Sep-17-19
Vol.2 Chapter 5 Sep-17-19
Vol.1 Chapter 4 Sep-17-19
Vol.1 Chapter 3 Sep-17-19
Vol.1 Chapter 2 Sep-17-19
Vol.1 Chapter 1 Sep-17-19
Vol.1 Chapter 0 Sep-17-19
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