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Metropolitan City's Ying Yang Miracle Doctor BOOKMARK LIST CHAPTERS

Metropolitan City's Ying Yang Miracle Doctor manga :

Lin Xiu returned from Xiandao, swaying the masters of each road with a proud attitude. With immense medical knowledge of both the spiritual world and the Physical World. Watch as Lin Xiu solve problems for the everyday life, and the supernatural. What? Someone is making trouble? Not satisfied? Are you someone important? Screw you then, I step on people like you just for fun, money? Power? What does that gotta do with cleaning out the garbage?

Metropolitan City's Ying Yang Miracle Doctor Chapters

Time uploaded
Chapter 63 Feb-25-20
Chapter 62 Feb-25-20
Chapter 61 Feb-25-20
Chapter 60 Feb-25-20
Chapter 59 Jan-28-20
Chapter 58 Jan-28-20
Chapter 57 Jan-27-20
Chapter 56 Jan-13-20
Chapter 55 Jan-06-20
Chapter 54 Dec-30-19
Chapter 53 Dec-16-19
Chapter 52 Dec-09-19
Chapter 51 Dec-09-19
Chapter 50 Dec-09-19
Chapter 49 Dec-09-19
Chapter 48 Dec-09-19
Chapter 47 Nov-20-19
Chapter 46 Nov-20-19
Chapter 45 Nov-20-19
Chapter 44 Nov-20-19
Chapter 43 Nov-19-19
Chapter 42 Nov-19-19
Chapter 41 Nov-12-19
Chapter 40 Nov-11-19
Chapter 39 Nov-10-19
Chapter 38 Nov-09-19
Chapter 37 Nov-09-19
Chapter 36 Nov-09-19
Chapter 35 Nov-08-19
Chapter 34 Nov-08-19
Chapter 33 Nov-08-19
Chapter 32 Nov-08-19
Chapter 31 Nov-05-19
Chapter 30 Nov-05-19
Chapter 29 Nov-05-19
Chapter 28 Nov-04-19
Chapter 27 Nov-04-19
Chapter 26 Nov-04-19
Chapter 25 Nov-03-19
Chapter 24 Nov-03-19
Chapter 23 Nov-03-19
Chapter 22 Nov-03-19
Chapter 21 Nov-03-19
Chapter 20 Nov-03-19
Chapter 19 Nov-03-19
Chapter 18 Nov-03-19
Chapter 17 Nov-01-19
Chapter 16 Nov-01-19
Chapter 15 Nov-01-19
Chapter 14 Nov-01-19
Chapter 13 Nov-01-19
Chapter 12 Nov-01-19
Chapter 11 Nov-01-19
Chapter 10 Oct-31-19
Chapter 9 Oct-30-19
Chapter 8 Oct-29-19
Chapter 7 Oct-28-19
Chapter 6 Oct-24-19
Chapter 5 Oct-24-19
Chapter 4 Oct-22-19
Chapter 3 Oct-21-19
Chapter 2 Oct-20-19
Chapter 1 Oct-19-19
Chapter 0 Oct-19-19
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