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This Is An Obvious Fraudulent Marriage manga :

The Sophen country had been destroyed by the empire. The sole daughter of a count family, Leylin Efran, had to find a husband to be able to inherit her family. So she wouldn't have to suffer through loveless marriage, Leylin decided to find a husband to have a one-year contract marriage with. In the middle of her quest, a young and dashing man appeared before her. Leylin was convinced this is the right man for her, but is he truly the answer to Leylin's perilous situation?

This Is An Obvious Fraudulent Marriage Chapters

Time uploaded
Chapter 32 Jan-19-20
Chapter 31 Jan-16-20
Chapter 30 Jan-07-20
Chapter 29 Dec-31-19
Chapter 28 Dec-24-19
Chapter 27 Jan-07-20
Chapter 26 Jan-07-20
Chapter 25 Jan-07-20
Chapter 24 Jan-07-20
Chapter 23 Jan-07-20
Chapter 22 Jan-07-20
Chapter 21 Dec-18-19
Chapter 20 Dec-18-19
Chapter 19 Dec-18-19
Chapter 18 Dec-18-19
Chapter 17 Dec-08-19
Chapter 16 Dec-07-19
Chapter 15 Dec-07-19
Chapter 14 Dec-06-19
Chapter 13 Dec-05-19
Chapter 12 Dec-05-19
Chapter 11 Dec-05-19
Chapter 10 Dec-05-19
Chapter 9 Dec-05-19
Chapter 8 Dec-03-19
Chapter 7 Dec-03-19
Chapter 6 Dec-03-19
Chapter 5 Dec-03-19
Chapter 4 Dec-02-19
Chapter 3 Dec-02-19
Chapter 2 Dec-01-19
Chapter 1 Dec-18-19
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