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Rebirth of The Urban Mad Immortal BOOKMARK LIST CHAPTERS

Rebirth of The Urban Mad Immortal manga :

Swords and winds cover the sun and the moon, mastering the glory of Immortals. There are six billion people in the world, but I am arrogant. The Emperor of the Immortal World is reborn in the bustling city of lights and wines. Beautiful police, delicate stars, glamorous ladies, exotic princesses... From then on, a former urban loser, turned over completely, and embarked on a peerless road that would make the world feel horrified and provoke the beauty of the world. "The world laughs at me, the world laughs at me, you see, after the ages...

Rebirth of The Urban Mad Immortal Chapters

Time uploaded
Chapter 45 Feb-23-20
Chapter 44 Feb-23-20
Chapter 43 Feb-23-20
Chapter 42 Feb-21-20
Chapter 41 Feb-21-20
Chapter 40 Feb-21-20
Chapter 39 Feb-20-20
Chapter 38 Feb-20-20
Chapter 37 Feb-20-20
Chapter 36 Feb-19-20
Chapter 35 Feb-19-20
Chapter 34 Feb-19-20
Chapter 33 Feb-18-20
Chapter 32 Feb-18-20
Chapter 31 Feb-13-20
Chapter 30 Feb-13-20
Chapter 29 Feb-07-20
Chapter 28 Jan-30-20
Chapter 27 Jan-30-20
Chapter 26 Jan-30-20
Chapter 25 Jan-30-20
Chapter 24 Jan-30-20
Chapter 23 Jan-21-20
Chapter 22 Jan-17-20
Chapter 21 Jan-16-20
Chapter 20 Jan-15-20
Chapter 19 Jan-05-20
Chapter 18 Jan-05-20
Chapter 17 Jan-05-20
Chapter 16 Jan-05-20
Chapter 15 Dec-29-19
Chapter 14 Dec-29-19
Chapter 13 Dec-29-19
Chapter 12 Dec-29-19
Chapter 11 Dec-29-19
Chapter 10 Dec-27-19
Chapter 9 Dec-26-19
Chapter 8 Dec-20-19
Chapter 7 Dec-18-19
Chapter 6 Dec-17-19
Chapter 5 Dec-06-19
Chapter 4 Dec-27-19
Chapter 3 Dec-05-19
Chapter 2 Dec-04-19
Chapter 1 Dec-04-19
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