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  • Tales from the Land of Daughters - ShengNan's Story

    Alternative : Королевство женщин - История о Шенг Нан ; 女儿国传奇 - 胜男篇 ; Kingdom of Women: ShengNan Story ; Nu'er Guo Chuanqi - ShengNan Pian ; Nu'er Guo Chuanqi: ShengNan Pian ; Woman Country Legend: ShengNan Chapter
  • Author(s): Wangman
  • Genres : Adventure - Drama - Fantasy - Gender bender - Historical - Romance - Supernatural
  • Status : Ongoing
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  • View : 115,568
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  • rate : 4.88/ 5 - 17 votes

Tales from the Land of Daughters - ShengNan's Story summary:

In Ancient China, there existed a legendary kingdom called the Land of Daughters. In this place, the traditional gender roles were reversed, as the women held the power while the men obediently served on the women's whims. ShengNan is an ordinary modern day girl, but she accidentally went through a time portal and arrived in the Land of Daughters! What's more, she looks exactly like the Duke! Of course the Duke switched places with ShengNan, only to lure out his enemies and strike them from behind. However, the Duke's wife fell in love with ShengNan and... ShengNan fell in love with the Duke's enemy?!

Tales from the Land of Daughters - ShengNan's Story Chapters

Time uploaded
vol.1 chapter 15 Jun-29-17
vol.1 chapter 14 Jan-24-16
chapter 13 Jan-20-16
chapter 12 Jan-20-16
chapter 11 Jan-20-16
chapter 10 Jan-20-16
chapter 9 Jan-20-16
chapter 8 Jan-20-16
chapter 7 Jan-20-16
chapter 6 Jan-20-16
chapter 5 Jan-20-16
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