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  • Usotsukiyachi no Nagai Yoru

    Alternative : 嘘つき達の長い夜 ; 嘘つき達の長い夜~続・僕の可愛い酔っぱらい~ ; A Long Night for the Liars
  • Author(s): Kureta Makine
  • Genres : Yaoi
  • Status : Ongoing
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  • View : 78,896
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  • rate : 3.83/ 5 - 12 votes

Usotsukiyachi no Nagai Yoru summary:

This is the sequel of Boku no Kawaii Yopparai.

University student Hina is popular, but he is bad with romance and had not experienced “true love”… He starts part-timing at the izakaya “Yokikana”. However, he was kissed by Chii-san, who got drunk at his welcoming party. That kiss was very intense, and strangely skillful… Shaken by the kiss, Hina avoids Chii. However, Chii does not remember the kiss and mistakenly believes that Hina hates him and they spend days slipping past each other, but they come to an understanding, before becoming lovers.

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